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The Hillman Cancer Center at the University of Pittsburgh recommends reading Caring for Cynthia.

Purchase Caring for Cynthia for $24.95.

Caring for Cynthia is photographic essay about breast cancer, community and caring. This visual educational tool illuminates private moments of breast cancer survival from a caregiver's perspective.

Caring for Cynthia acknowledges real conversations about breast cancer and care giving making it possible for those diagnosed to move from the shame of diagnosis to centeredness in a responsive community built around vulnerability. Through Caring for Cynthia's short stories and photography, a caregiver can experience freedom from feeling helplessness and uncertainty to a feeling of a valued companion on a privileged journey with a loved one.

This project collaborates with institutions, organizations and private members of the community keenly interested in raising awareness and inspiring dialogue regarding the care of others.

"The pictures tell an emotional story with strength paired with the information of the story, advice, and perspective. The images of the book gave me strength, and an idea of how to react, or not react during my friend's difficult time of struggle with a cancer different from Cynthia's cancer. When my friend asked me to shave his head, I knew that my positive, active, and silent support was going to make this transition empowering for him rather than horrifying."
- Lisa Macalister, Caregiver

Amy Blackburn Author and Photographer of "Caring For Cynthia" | 4110 N. Camino Del Celador Drive | Tucson, Arizona 85718
Contact Amy directly at 520.991.5736

All photographs are copyrighted. It is illegal to save, reproduce or distribute these images in any way. For permission to use imagery, please contact Amy.